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January 2015

Inspiration // Dimity & Mikes Baby BBQ

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  Words by Dimity Sienkiewics @_dimity_ I am going through this amazing journey with my husband by my side and wanted to celebrate it together with all our loved ones. We also wanted to have the BBBQ in our own home. We wanted to show everyone her new nursery and celebrate in the environment that she will grow up in.   I did all the decorations myself and all the amazing ladies in my life made all the delicious food/drinks. My husband Mike is an amazing man and did everything from the BBQ to making flower arrangements! I wanted everything to be homemade with love. The laser cut teepee invitations that I made for the BBBQ, have been the main inspiration for our little girls nursery styling. As soon as we found out we were having a little girl I knew she would be my little wild flower. Her nursery is a mix of boho, native and vintage elements. It is a soft calming space filled with lots of whites, lace, crochet, dreamcatchers, teepees, mini cactus, feathers, vintage deers and wild flowers. Every element in her nursery has been picked/hand-made with love. I want our little girl to be surrounded with natural colours and textures that I have always been in love with. Mike and I had an amazing ‘BabyMoon’ in Byron bay a couple months ago and I bought lots of her nursery décor and clothes from local Byron Bay designers. • Crochet lamp from Shikoba • Crochet cushions/dream catcher/Aztec rug/bull cushion from Spell. • Lace cushion/feathers from Hope & May • Porcelain Deer knobs from Liberty Trading Co (next door to Spell) • Lots of beautiful toys/clothes from local designs: Children of the Tribe, Arnhem, Bandikoot Byron, Nami etc I seriously cant get over the fact that there is a little baby girl growing inside my belly and that we will get to hold her so very soon! From the first day we found out I was pregnant we have been so excited. Not a day goes by that we do not think about our little girl and imagine how amazing our lives are going to be as a family. I absolutely love being pregnant and watching my belly grow. The best part of my pregnancy has been the look in my husbands eyes – I never thought that it was possible to feel any more loved by him but every day that we get closer to holding out little girl, I feel that love grow. Dimity.   We discovered Dimity's instagram account via the Spell Designs blog and fell instantly in love with her excitement for her pregnancy and her intoxicating creative spirit. So much love and natural beauty surrounds this gorgeous couple from Sydney's Northern Beaches, it is hard not to be swept up in their exciting journey..not to mention fighting the urge to try and re-create Dimity's baby shower and nursery in every minute detail! It is so hard to pick favourites amongst the array of beautiful objects, however we are smitten with the combination of vintage throwbacks and navajo inspired pieces. The vintage 'Little Golden Books' and 'Bambi' touches took us on a mesmorizing trip down memory lane as well as the Kewpi dolls and crochet trimmings. Below is a list of suggestions on where you can find similar bits and pieces from Dimity's nursery and Baby BBQ. If you have any suggestions on where you can find anything not listed, please comment below. (USA + UK girls...please give us some local tips!) Thank you Dimity for sharing your gorgeous baby shower and nursery with us, we are so excited to follow your instagram account and watch beautiful Azaelia grow. xxPip + the Fillyboo girls  ~ Dimity wears crochet dress from Spell Designs ~ (similar) Roundie Towel (in garden) from The Beach People ~ (similar) Kewpie Dolls (in nursery) from Cradle Rock ~ (similar) Moroccan Wedding Blanket (in nursery) from Table Tonic ~ Gaia Baby Essentials (in nursery) from Gaia Skin Naturals ~ (similar) TeePee (in nursery) from Joyjoie   
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