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I Believe In Unicorns - The Making Of

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We wanted to share with you some divine images of our customers wearing our 'I Believe In Unicorns' maxi dress.

This dress is very special to us!

Each dress is a labour of love and is made purely by hand.

Every embroidered flower is hand-cut by one of our very talented craftspeople on the Island of Bali.

The dress takes around 10 days to make with several steps and many kilometres of travel!

First, we dye the fabric using natural organic fabric dye. This is a cold-water process, not requiring any heating or fuel.

The fabric is then hung out to dry in the sun, sometimes causing slight colour differences between fabric batches, adding to the uniquenss of your truly, individual Fillyboo garment. 

Second, we cut the fabric in our Fillyboo factory in Canggu, Bali.

The embroidery design is then traced by hand onto the fabric in chalk.

The cut pieces are then transported by motorbike to several family villages in the mountains of Bali, where the embroidery takes place.

Many family members share the job, working when they are able, in between their duties of maintaining their rice fields or the many other artisan jobs they perform to support their large families.

When the embroidery is complete, the pieces are transported back to the Fillyboo factory where our staff then sew the pieces together and apply the fabric covered buttons and loops as well as little tassels and other cute hand-touched finishes.

Finally, the dress is washed by hand in a bucket of soapy water and then hung out to dry in the shade.

Bali is a tropical climate, and the dress can sometimes takes a few days to dry due to the humidity and intermittent (often very unexpected and quite dramatic!) rainfall.

Prior to sending your dress to you, we do some final checks to make sure all of the embroidery screen chalk is removed and that the dress is as dry as possible.
A light and cool iron and then the dress is packed into a small plastic bag with a silicone gel pack to remove the moisture during transit.

Our Balinese Fillyboo staff are our extended family and we look after them the best we can.

We love our blended cultures and being inspired creatively and personally by our team everyday.

We definitely laugh together at times, as we are learning the best ways to do things that suit all of us, and of course things sometimes still do get lost in translation!

The Australian Fillyboo management and design staff speak fluent traditional Bahasa and therefore we are able to communicate and work together to provide a safe, financially secure, understanding, and happy working and learning enviornment.

We hope you enjoyed this short 'behind-the-scenes' of our company.

We are so grateful for your continued support of our family business. 

Our trade ethics and sustainablity are so important to us, and we couldn't continue to grow and sustain our Balinese workers and our young family without our amazing customers.

We will continue to strive towards our long term goals concerning ethics, sustainability and corporate responsibility and aim to provide our customers with as much information about our company as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow with your amazing support.

With much love,
Pippa and the Fillyboo team.

Sophie Vine @sophie_vine

Between These Walls @betweenthesewalls

Elle from Harry & The Frog / Elle Rampling Photography @harryandthefrog
Bazaar Mumma @bazaarmumma

Tayler Gunn @taylergolden

Tia from @king_raja_organics


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